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  image of sea of handsAbout ANTaR

ANTaR Sea of Hands began in 1997 in response to a swell of public anger towards Australian Government moves to wind back Indigenous native title rights.

ANTaR grew into a peoples’ movement, committed to the rights and perspectives of Indigenous peoples to determine their own future with the support of the Australian People. We are committed to Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians through education and advocacy conducted in parallel with Indigenous organisations.

ANTaR has an integral place in the Reconciliation movement in Australia, providing non-Indigenous Australians the opportunity to share the responsibility of healing in this country.

ANTaR's Activities

Education & Advocacy

Education and advocacy are central to ANTaR’s work. We organise events, forums, petitions and other community-based education activities. We are also active nationally and internationally, working with various organisations and community sectors. We advocate and produce submissions on a range of issues, including Indigenous disadvantage, the Stolen Generations, Native Title and the future of Reconciliation.


The final report of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation recommended that Australia establishes an agreement or treaty process “through which unresolved issues of reconciliation can be resolved”. ANTaR is leading discussion and education on a treaty in the non-Indigenous community in Australia.

Native Title

ANTaR continues to be a leading force in education and advocacy regarding the recognition of Native Title rights for Indigenous peoples.

Sea of Hands

The Sea of Hands is central to ANTaR’s activities and is recognised by hundreds of thousands of Australians as a symbol of the people's movement for rights-based reconciliation. The six colours of the Sea of Hands represent the colours of the Aboriginal flag (red, black and yellow), the Torres Strait Islander flag (blue, green, black and white), and the Australian flag. Each Sea of Hands is a unique event, and wherever possible is designed by a local Indigenous artist, using symbols and themes appropriate to the Indigenous traditions of that region.

Our Mission

To generate in Australia a moral and legal recognition of and respect for the distinctive status of Indigenous Australians as First Peoples and for the protection of Indigenous Australians’ rights, including their relationships to land, the right to self-determination, and the maintenance and growth of their unique cultures.

History of ANTaR Queensland

ANTaR established itself in Queensland as an affiliation of dedicated organisations. We assisted in the fight against the Ten Point Plan. After the passing of substantial aspects of this legislation in 1998, ANTaR Queensland decided to reform its purposes and structure so that it could continue to deal with the ongoing threat to native title and the Indigenous land rights movement.

ANTaR Queensland is an incorporated association and is part of the national organisation, ANTaR Inc.

Office Holders 2009

President: Kitty Carra
Secretary: Andrew McMicking
Treasurer: David Levick
FAIRA Rep. : Les Malezer
Patron: Dr Rosalind Kidd

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Last Modified 10 May, 2009

We acknowledge the Turrubal and Yaggera people, traditional custodians of the land on which Brisbane is situated.